Summer care tips to get you ready for warmer weather

How To Summer-ize Your Car

You may know about “winterizing” your vehicle, but do you “summer-ize” your vehicle? Summertime is here, and that means summer vacations and summer travel season. But long drives, especially in extreme heat, can be rough on your vehicle. Before you hit the road for your favorite summer destinations, check out this list of maintenance suggestions over the next few days.

Preparing your vehicle for Autumn / Fall Weather

10 Practical Tips To Prepare For Fall Weather

Driving safely during the fall months requires more than just cautious driver behavior though, your car also needs some attention. Here are 10 practical tips to help get your car ready for fall! 1. Check the brakes and tires. Inclement weather and associated road conditions and other hazards require good stopping power. That means good brakes and tires. If the …