Close up of technician working on automotive break system

What You Should Know About Brake Systems

The brake system is an important aspect of every vehicle,

Right behind the engine and transmission systems which gives you the power and the ability to drive. The brake gives you the ability to stop and stay safe on the road, and can be broken down into four basic parts.

  • The Mechanical Pieces

    This includes: brake pads; rotors; drums; shoes; hardware kits; brakes; bearings; seals; and grease.

  • The Anti-Lock Brake System

    Note, not every vehicle comes standard with this system. These parts include: the ABS speed sensor; the wheel bear and hub assemblies; and the ABS computer.

  • The Hydraulics

    These parts include: brake lines; brake master cylinders; and hydraulic boosters.

  • The Emergency Brake System

    Also known as the parking break. Brakes a very important part of your vehicle, and they keep you safe on the road.